SUPERHOT Game Review

SUPERHOT is a game with one simple goal and one simple rule: Kill faceless red enemies, and time only moves when you do. Within this conceit, the SUPERHOT Team (that’s literally their name) presents a lot of interesting situations, situations that really can make the…

Life, uh, Finds A Way: Turok 2 re-release

So I went onto Steam today to check the newest releases, see what was selling, and today, 3/16/2017, THIS, is what greeted me: Turok 2 was number 4 in Steam’s Sales Charts. Turok 2. A game that looks like this: Look at that sad mantis…

Weary EP

A fun piece I composed in under an hour, mainly just using the FM Dexed DX7 emulation. Great time overall.

Bright Skies

Electro-funk ambient, kinda just what struck me a bit.

Digital Damage

Some Ambient Funk for those hectic times. Mostly improv, but I editing out some of the kinks.

Reality Bends

I rare piece with actual composition and editing from me. Hope you guys enjoy!

Jazzy Electronic Improv

The name speaks for itself. I really need to write something again soon. If you’re looking for that, you’ll find older articles below.

Fall Skies

Another track I made. So, you know, enjoy.